We are delighted to announce that auditions for our summer production of Philadelphia Here I Come! By Brian Friel will take place Sunday week May 15th in the Presentation Secondary School Wexford between 12pm and 6pm. There is a huge cast in this play, particularly for men, so we would be delighted to see as many people as possible come though the door, new faces and old.

Below is a list of characters and a brief character description. Try not to be too influenced by ages of characters, these are a guideline and not totally prescriptive.

This promises to be a hugely fun production to be a part of, so please spread the word far and wide to anyone you think might be interested. If anyone has any questions or would like more information, please feel free to P.M. Wexford Drama Group.

Character Descriptions:

*MADGE: A woman in her sixties who keeps the house for S.B O’Donnell and his son Gareth. She is extremely energetic, efficient and loving, although she has no children of her own she loves children and has raised Gareth after his mother passed away days after he was born. Despite the drudgery of her live she remains steadfast and strong.

*GAR (PUBLIC): A young man of 25 who is insecure and intimidates by the rigid values of his small town of Ballybeg. He is totally unable to communicate with his father, and actually believes that he hates him. Requires an actor who understands subtlety in quiet moments.

*GAR (PRIVATE): Unlike Public, Private Is very talkative and self assured, he voices Gars inner thoughts and is very critical of those around him, not least himself. A hugely energetic performance requiring a good physical actor with great comic timing who is also capable of creating great empathy.

*S.B. O’DONNELL: Gareth’s father, in his sixties. He was in his 40s when he married Gareth’s 19 year old mother, and idolised her. The S.B we meet is a broken man, given over to habit and duty. He is not outwardly pleasant, and finds great difficulty is showing any affection to his son. An actor with great presence needed.

*KATE DOOGAN: The young woman that Gareth is in love with. They intended to marry but Gareth never worked up the courage to ask her father. Kate Marries the boy her parents want for her instead. A young actress who can walk the line between flirty and loveable and spoiled and entitled.

*SENATOR DOOGAN: Kate’s father, successful and powerful in his own right, a “Gentle Snob” generally a nice guy, but certainly upwardly mobile.

*MASTER BOYLE: sixties, The town school master, defeated by failed dreams, he drinks heavily and borrows money he cannot repay while telling stories of his latest fantastic job offers.

*LIZZY SWEENEY: mid to late fifties, Gareth’s larger than life Aunt on his mothers side. She lives in Philadelphia and is the one who encouraged Gar to leave Ballybeg as she did. She is warm and loving bit behaves hysterically and we suspect this hides a lonelier truth. An uninhibited actress who can be both bold and warm is required

*CON SWEENEY: Lizzies put upon, patient husband. Doesn’t say a huge amount but is responsible for much of the humour of the scene.

*BEN BURTON: Lizzy and Cons only friend in America, he travels with them to Ballybeg to meet Gareth.

*NED, TOM, JOE: Gareth’s three friends, mid to late twenties. They have neither future not direction. They brag about sexual exploits that they all know are not true, they are a picture of the immobility of young men at the time. Three young actors needed who can all work together with public and seem like a believable group of friends.

*CANON MICK BYRNE: a friend of S.B who visits the house nightly and has the exact same conversation nightly. A representation of how routine and sedentary S.Bs life is.